ATOM Crafted Scents is born

We’ve thought of words that will somehow lead us back to the basics, and during our study, we’ve stumbled upon the words from the table of elements up to thinking of Adam and Eve or the like, and hybrid combinations of symbols and play of words. But in the end, as we wanted to keep things simple, minimalist, and and easy to remember, we’ve finalised our options and stick with “atom”. We also thought of giving its acronym some meaning, and discretely we’ve come up with A Touch Of Miracle.

1. Brand Purpose

The perfume business has entered our minds so as to open new doors and bigger opportunities to help, as well as earn, both as entrepreneurs and as an individual. Perfumes are widely used in different forms and products, and there is a big chance of repeat orders monthly or even weekly by end users.

2. Our goals

Aims to create unique fragrances that will appeal all walks of life. Provide new entrepreneurial and business opportunities to every one with a very minimal investment both in financial and personal time. Be an advocate of local enterprises and products which are truly Filipino-made.

The ATOM Crafted Scents icons first drafts

At first we played and tried focusing on the word atom that all our first drafts of ideas revolve on the atom icon. We’ve rested a bit and I thought of thinking of the products that we wanted to do rather than the name, then eureka came.

logo 2 MEVX5495 copy

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 12.18.49 PM

As we are currently creating products that has something to do with scents, we thought of going back to our scent business idea where we should incorporate basic shapes that will easily show our uniqueness, yet will instantly give them a brand recall. So the basic icons were the “drop” and the “+” and played around its proportions and combinations.


The logo idea

Finally, the 2 basic shapes that we incorporated lets us show our uniqueness, yet instantly gave a brand recall. The “drop” and the “+” are the icons we’ve chosen and we played around its proportions.

The rounded shape depicts the drop icon, crafting, or being creative. That it’s a cycle of never ending ideas and creation.

logo proportions-ATOM

The + was taken from the looks of an atomizer or the spray pump and bottle, but it has a deeper meaning.

The + icon signifies positivity, quality, and that there are more product ideas to come as the gift business has a lot of varieties.

The logo has been approved by the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines.









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